Mauve Software Inc.

Decentralize Everything

Mauve Software Inc is a consultancy that specializes in cutting edge technology. We strive to take science fiction ideas and turn them into reality.

We take a holistic approach to decentralization by applying it to every level of the stack. Unlike many blockchain solutions, we take a no-nonsense approach to decentralized software with a focus on empowering users with local-first software that works offline and keeps data in the hands of users.

We can take you from initial ideation, to MVPs, and to fully deployed products, and help explain how the technology works along the way.

Decentralized and Distributed Systems We believe in robust systems which don't rely on single points of failure. This leads to systems that work in dynamic network environements and scale with the network as more data is entered into the system. This is acheived using data structures like Append-Only Logs and Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types.
Peer to Peer Software The status quo for most applications are cloud solutions which centralize users' data and act as gatekeepers to their interaction. This has negative side effects in the form of censorship, lack of availability in spotty internet locations, and lack of user autonomy as their networks are held for ransom.
Peer to Peer software, or P2P, is an alternate architecture where users store their data on their own devices and connect directly to each other to share it. We specialize in leveraging protocols such as Dat, IPFS, Secure Scuttlebutt, and many more to build robust, Local-First software which improves user experience, privacy, and avoids costly cloud bills.
Mesh Networks Not every place in the world has a stable connection to the internet. Rural and remote communities, festivals, and developing nations are often unable to use traditional internet based applications. Mesh networks enable novel information technologies to thrive in these areas through the use of Wireless ad hoc Networks. These pair well with P2P software to enable fully local applications. If two people are within wireless range of each other, they should have the same UX as though they were connected over the internet.
Virtual and Augmented Reality In the spirit of Cyberpunk dreams of the past, we enjoy exploring what's possible with augmeting reality with technology. Our focus is on productivity software deployed using WebXR. This gives us flexability in deploying to different headsets without being locked down to a sinle game engine or proprietary API. We are also strong believers in open source headsets like the Leap27 and Project Northstar. Our goal is to combine all our areas of expertise into a robust local-first cyberpsace that works across mesh networks and automatically distributes spatialized content across devices.
Web App Development We are experts in the web platform and have been developing applications using full stack web technologies for almost a decade with Node.js, React, and have a deep level of knowledge of HTTP, WebSockets, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition to front end web development, we have experience orchestrating back end infrastructure and databases with Docker and have extensive knowledge of Linux based systems and cloud deployments.
Mobile App Development We have been developing cross-platform mobile applications using web technologies such as Apache Cordova and React-Native on both Android and iOS for almost a decade, and are comfortalble setting up the full process from initial implementation and publishing on the respective app stores.
Desktop App Development Although most applications can be most easily deployed through the web, we have extensive knowledge in using Electron to deploy desktop applications on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.
Open Source Community Organizing We are strong believers in Open Source Software and have been engaging with and helping to organize open source communities for the betterment of the commons.